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East West Review of Labor Law and Social Policy


Price: $157.00

Labor Law & Social Policy: never a dull moment. This has become more true now that many countries whose economies have been communist or in a very low stage of development, are in a rapid process towards becoming a market economy. But also Western welfare states are in a stage of transition at this time. In these states there are claims that the social legislation is too expensive, that it is contrary to a competitive approach and that social legislation makes people too passive, which in turn causes people to no longer actively seek work. The common interest in the developments in Social Policy in the different regions of the world calls for a new forum to exchange information, experience and practice. Under the guidance of Professor Andrzej Swiatkowski, the East-West Review of Labor Law & Social Policy has established a forum for contributions on Labor Law, Social Security Law and general Social Policy issues.


Price:$157.00 (plus shipping, US $15.00 / World $24 per volume)


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