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Yearbook of Women's Rights


Price: $112.00

The CEDAW Convention for women's human rights was founded on the belief that women's human rights-established through legal, political, and educational systems-are an essential component of development in society. Is was a major step forward in the promotion and protection of international women's rights. The sixteen substantive articles of the Convention outline the obligations to pursue goals of equality in education, health care, employment, family life, and participation in public and political life. Ratifying countries are obligated to report on the status of women within one year of ratification and every four years thereafter. With the adoption in 2000 of an Optional Protocol to the Convention, women gained an avenue for individual claims of Convention violations as well.

The Yearbook of Women’s Rights reports once a year on the developments in this exciting, rapidly-developing sub-field of international human rights protection.



Price:$112.00 (plus shipping, US $9.00 / World $12.00 per volume)


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